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Susana Lopes

Hi! I am Susana Lopes

My 3 pregnancies and the whole motherhood experience were the deepest transformational journey I have ever known. No woman should go into pregnancy, birth and motherhood unprepared. I remember at the time of my first pregnancy there were so many things happening, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and a lot of times I wasn’t even recognizing myself.

I was still pretty much living my life as if I wasn’t pregnant at all. I had started in a new job so I was trying to prove myself, I was working on my career and I overworked. I felt so overwhelmed, I was stressed, but still trying to keep up with my rhythm and other people’s expectations, because I had always wanted to be a very independent woman.

Deep inside I knew something had to change, and I did my first mistake, I did not listen to my inner voice and I did not reach for help.

I refused to face my worries and fears, and heal my own blocks. At my own cost I learned how my emotional and mental patterns could influence my pregnancy, my baby and my motherhood experience.


We all hold patterns that were passed to us down the line. We know that at conception, genetic programs from each parent’s DNA are transmitted to the child. But numerous studies reveal now that during pregnancy, these programs can actually be activated or not, or even modified, according to the quality of what the pregnant mother lives, as well as the quality of her surroundings.

When a woman is pregnant, her experience becomes information that organizes the baby development and gets recorded in every cell. I wish I paid more attention to how I was living my life back then, and understood that the responsibility of a mother extends beyond the physical bond and moves into the quality of what her mind experiences, her thoughts and emotions are.

I thought my baby was protected from the stress and pressure of my daily life, and I never dig deep into my own feelings to realize that I was holding on to my stressful habits. All women have lived or still go through stressful situations that can imprint negative patterns in our mind and bodies, and we may wish to clear them before we pass them on to future generations. Women are responsible for shaping the next generation, what could be a more important job than that?

In my case, only by the end of my pregnancy I started adjusting my life, slowing down my rhythm and just enjoying my baby. Then labor came and I felt I was not prepared, and the reality of postpartum hit me hard.

Most women are not prepared for the life changes ahead and how to overcome their challenges – and why would they be? Our western society has changed, traditional families living in the same house with other mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts, all them exchanging experiences and supporting each other, have been substitute by nuclear families – mother, father and child – and women can feel very lonely, unsupported, and unprepared for their motherhood journey as I did.

My mother was close to me but even she had substituted the traditional knowledge for an achievement-orientated society. In the old times, women were witnessing birth and were part of each other’s moment of birth and baby education until it became part of their own life. But now pregnancy, birth and postpartum period have been removed from our lives and we don’t see how happy moments can also bring challenges and how to overcome uncertainty, fear or just feel comfortable about asking for help.


In my experience the mothers who refuse to face their worries and fears are the ones more likely to feel unprepared to face new challenges, increasing the chances of trauma and postnatal depression.

I thought I was prepared, I went to a birth course but the reality is that most courses prepare you for birth, different stages of birth and labor, they inform you about pain relief, give you maternity kits but none explains to you how a mother's journey starts with her baby inside, and how your physical, emotional and mental environments can shape your baby’s experience, perception, and receptivity for life after birth.

Because of what I lived, I promised myself that if I would ever have a second child, everything had to change. I was determined to explore further and gain more wisdom. I committed myself to look for clear and effective tools to help me manage my stress, start listening to my feelings and internal voice and feel more connected with my baby.

So I have I adapted my classic yoga teachings of 15 years to pregnancy, I researched on prenatal and perinatal psicology and health, and I became a prenatal educator. I wrote the book Yoga and Motherhood, became a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and I started research what ancient cultures had to say.

Suddenly I was feeling more grounded, calmer, relaxed and confident on my journey. Understanding how disconnect I was from my own femininity helped me to release physical and emotional tensions, overcome fears and misconceptions through loving stretches, meditation, breathing and relaxations techniques, reflecting on myself and seeking knowledge.

I also understood the importance that positive thinking has and the power of being clear on your intentions. Negative portrayals of pregnancy and birth in the media and society can make you feel fearful and doubting your ability to become a mother, being part of a positive and supportive community allows you become more confident and express yourself as you are, with all your qualities and fragilities.

Now I share what I learned with women around the world, I listen to their stories, I interview experts and born from this experience I have created a simple program called The Stress Free Pregnancy, to support and prepare all expecting mothers that, just like me, were struggling to balance their busy life and their pregnancy. This program assembles the support and information I wish I had before I gave birth.

I help women to create their own personal space to reconnect with themselves and feel connected with their baby inside. Instead of fighting they are less reactive, listening to what their body, mind and baby have to say. The women I support see and feel the changes in their lives every day, they are more positive, less stressed, make healthier decisions for them and their baby. Many learned to say no when they needed, they feel more happy, and inspired. They are gentler with themselves.

For me conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood involve a much deeper connection to yourself, to your body, to your emotions, to the power of your femininity, and a deeper connection and communication with your baby as your surrender to the process of life.

It is my mission to support and help women to feel more prepared, calm and confident, creating a positive and nurturing environment for their baby to grow, and start their motherhood journey with an unwavering belief in themselves, giving their baby the best start in life!

The Stress Free Pregnancy Program assembles the support and information I wish me and all women had before we gave birth.

This is my story, what will be yours?

The Book

I assure you that this book is going to be the most important book you’ll ever read! Here is the exact information and methods that I used for myself after my first pregnancy, to transform my stress into calmness, my worries into trust and my confusion into confidence, giving a voice to my needs and my baby's needs. If these methods worked for me, they can certainly help you too. They have helped hundreds of struggling moms I’ve supported, restoring calm and peace to their lives.

This is different from every other “pregnancy and birth” book you’ve ever read. I jump straight into telling you why you are feeling unprepared and exactly what you can do to overcome stress and build a long lasting relashionship with your baby from the very first start... And it’s really easy to read! With 65 pages you can read it in an afternoon.

So here’s a fraction of what you’re gettin
The real reason why women feel unprepared these days, and 3 simple and effective exercises you can start using right now to manage your stress and feel bonded with your baby. 
The most important things we MUST learn about conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood
How a stressful environment can affect your baby inside
The truth about the 4th Trimester and breastfeeding

You’re right...that is a ton of powerful information and tools. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg
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